We collect barrier-free information by utilizing the capabilities of smartphones as much as possible since everyone in the world is beginning to use and own a smartphone. And, most of all, since smartphones have a lot of built-in sensors, you can get various kinds of information just by installing it on a wheelchair.

Since practically everyone in the world has begun to use own or use their smartphones, we can collect barrier-free information from utilizing built-in sensors just buy traveling in your wheelchair.



Our ultimate goal is to accumulate and create searchable barrier-free information from around the world.


The “Tracklog” obtained from GPS is the information which indicates where a wheelchair can pass. Information about road condition, for example, can be obtained from the acceleration sensor. If you post videos, we will get information that you cannot understand with photos only.
We can get more information and experience from posted videos than we can from just photos.



360° images will also make it easier to check in advance which locations are likely to be blind spots when moving around in a wheelchair.


今後近い将来には、タブレットにはGoogle Tango Project のような3D計測機能が実装されます。3D計測による空間情報から車いすの走行シミュレーションが可能になります。
In the near future, tablets will implement  3D measurement functions, like the Google Tango Project. A Running simulation of a wheelchair will be possible due to spatial information acquired by 3D measurements.