代表 織田友理子(ブログ

President: Yuriko ODA (Blog)


President of NPO corporation PADM (Patients Association for Distal Myopathies). Application inventor. From the perspective of a wheelchair user, she selects and shares relevant information, modifies application functions and participates in public relations activities.

2000年推定発症、2002年「遠位型ミオパチー」と診断を受ける。一児の母。TREAT-NMD Alliance役員。YouTube専用チャンネル「車椅子ウォーカー」代表。2016年ユースリーダー賞受賞。著書『ひとりじゃないから、大丈夫。』(鳳書院)、DVD『Walker「私」の道』(ブロックス)他。

After the onset around 2000, she was diagnosed with distal myopathy/GNE Myopathy in 2002″. She is a mother of one child. TREAT – NMD Alliance Executive Committee member. YouTube channel “Wheelchair Walker“. Received the 2016 Youth Leader Award. Book “Since I am not alone, I am OK.” (DVD), DVD” Walker “The way of me” (BLOCKS) and others.

 技術責任者 伊藤史人 (ブログ

Chief Technical Officer: Fumihito ITO (Blog)


Assistant professor, the Department of Science and Technology, Shimane University. Being in charge of the development of WheeLog from technical aspect. Have made presentations at academic conferences.


Specializes Welfare Information Engineering. Researches and disseminates ICT which supports communication of severely disabled people. working on communication technology using biometric information as well as rehabilitation technology using gamification.

知識責任者 吉藤オリィ (ブログ

Chief Knowledge Officer: Ory YOSHIFUJI (Blog)


CEO of Ory Research Institute. He has supervised the app development from entrepreneurial perspective. Plans events of the project.

小学5年~中学2年まで不登校。2005年、電動車椅子の新機構発明によりISEF Grand Award 3thを受賞。2009年から対孤独用分身ロボットの研究に取り組み、早大産学連携室最年少メンバーなどを経て、コミュニケーションロボット「OriHime」を発表。著書『「孤独」は消せる。』(サンマーク出版)

Experienced drop-out from primary grade 5 to lower secondary grade 2. In 2005, received ISEF Grand Award 3rd with the invention of a new mechanism for electrically powered wheelchairs. Since 2009, working on a study of a robot for resolving solitude of people, then released the communication robot “Orihime”.Served for the industry-academia collaboration room, etc. A book ”Solitude can be eliminated”.

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